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Java Overview & Fundamentals

Java is one of the programming language or technology used for developing web applications. Java language developed at SUN Micro Systems in the year 1995 under the guidance of James Gosling and there team. Originally SUN Micro Systems is one of the Academic University (Standford University Network)

Whatever the software developed in the year 1990, SUN Micro Systems has released on the name of oak, which is original name of java (scientifically oak is one of the tree name). The OAK has taken 18 months to develop.

The oak is unable to fulfil all requirements of the industry. So James Gosling again reviews this oak and released with the name of java in the year 1995. Scientifically java is one of the coffee seed name.

Expression & Control flow

The switch statement is a selection control flow statement. It allows the value of a variable or expression to control the flow of a program execution via a multi-way branch. It creates multiple branches in a simpler way than using the combination of if and else if statements.

Object Orientation in java

Object Oriented programming is a programming style which is associated with the concepts like class, object, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Polymorphism. Most popular programming languages like Java, C++, C#, Ruby, etc. follow an object-oriented programming paradigm.

Error, Exceptions and Assertions

Exceptions are objects that represent errors that may occur in a Java program. Assertions are conditional statements and Boolean values that indicate a program is running correctly, providing another means of detecting errors. ... Exceptions and assertions enable your programs to rec- ognize errors and respond to them.

Java Input & Output

An output stream that contain method for writing java standard data type. File Input Stream. Input stream that reads from a file. File Output Stream. Output stream that write to a file.

Data Structures: Generics and Collections

Java Generics, introduced in Java 5, provide stronger type safety. Generics allow types to be passed as parameters to class, interface, and method declarations. With the type parameter, the compiler ensures that we use the collection with objects of a compatible type only.

Strings, Regular Expressions, and Recursion


String is a sequence of characters, for e.g. “Hello” is a string of 5 characters. In java, string is an immutable object which means it is constant and can be changed once it has been created.

Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions or Regex (in short) is an API for defining String patterns that can be used for searching, manipulating and editing a text. It is widely used to define constraint on strings such as password. Regular Expressions are provided under java.util.regex package.


Recursion in java is a process in which a method calls itself continuously. A method in java that calls itself is called recursive method.It makes the code compact but complex to understand.

Core Java APIs

Java application programming interface (API) is a list of all classes that are part of the Java development kit (JDK). It includes all Java packages, classes, and interfaces, along with their methods, fields, and constructors. These prewritten classes provide a tremendous amount of functionality to a programmer. There are two types of Java programming language application programming interfaces (APIs): The official core Java API, contained in the Android (Google), SE (OpenJDK and Oracle), MicroEJ.



JVM is a engine that provides runtime environment to drive the Java Code or applications. It converts Java bytecode into machines language. JVM is a part of JRE(Java Run Environment). It stands for Java Virtual Machine. In other programming languages, the compiler produces machine code for a particular system.


JDK is a superset of JRE. JDK contains everything that JRE has along with development tools for developing, debugging, and monitoring Java applications. You need JDK when you need to develop Java applications.


Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is an Application Programming Interface (API) used to connect Java application with Database. JDBC is used to interact with various type of Database such as Oracle, MS Access, My SQL and SQL Server. JDBC can also be defined as the platform-independent interface between a relational database and Java programming. It allows java program to execute SQL statement and retrieve result from database.

Swing Application Development

Swing is a GUI widget toolkit for Java. It is part of Oracle's Java Foundation Classes (JFC) an API for providing a graphical user interface (GUI) for Java programs. Swing was developed to provide a more sophisticated set of GUI components than the earlier Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT).